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Water Environment

We specialize in research on water quality improvement and conservation of aquatic ecosystems that allows the public to take pleasure in a safe and clean water environment, including

  • Three-dimensional numerical modelling of hydrologic and water quality changes of surface water
  • Prediction of changes in the water environment using hyperspectral images
  • Research on contamination of public waters by unregulated trace chemicals and options for management
  • Surveys of the current status of livestock excretions in rural areas
  • Customized policy support for nonpoint source management and water cycle improvement
  • Research on effective implementation of total water pollution load management systems
  • Investigation of the characteristics of microplastics distribution in freshwater bodies and sediments
  • Derivation of draft environmental standards for water quality and aquatic ecosystems
  • Research on methods to treat unregulated water pollutants
  • Research on methods of applying the results of aquatic ecosystem health assessments
  • Research on physiological responses of fish to environmental changes
  • Studies on algal bloom characteristics in rivers and lakes
※ More details can be found in the Annual Reports.
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